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A Play on words:

Live the highlife!!  See  a selection of fabulous hotels and safari lodges in Africa. Click the icon above

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Safari Africa

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New York

Travel the States  with us.

We cover all destinations including Canada,Mexico,Hawaii and Alaska 

Discover the diversity of the world's 3rd largest continent – North America. Experience the unique blend of cultures, languages, and geographical variety from pristine white beaches on the Eastern, Western and Southern coasts to the stark deserts, majestic mountain ranges, spectacular lakes and cosmopolitan cities. Titillate your senses while exploring, Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon. Enjoy Fishermans Wharf or marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. Visit the Walk of Fame, a tribute to famous celebrities and Universal studios in Hollywood, or have some fun at Disneyworld. Feel the pulse of the Big Apple (New York) or take a cruise to the Caribbean and the idyllic Bahamas. Canada also provides abundant choices from breathtaking Niagara Falls to French-inspired Montreal, from vibrant city of Vancouver to the melting pot of Canadian culture - Toronto.


Travel Asia with us.

We cover all destinations

including Thailand,Singapore

Japan,Russia and China. 

Steeped in a rich and unique history, the Far East offers visitors an insight into a very different world with carefully preserved cultures & religious beliefs as well as a completely different way of life. No other region offers such a contrast of old and new. You can fly into ultra-modern cities with fabulous hotels, nightlife and shopping to rival anywhere in the world, but within hours of arriving you could be trekking through the jungle or visiting villages where life hasn't changed for centuries. 

London Black cabs


Travel the UK with us.

We cover all destinations

including, England Scotland, Wales and  Ireland 

A magnificent country rich in culture and charm. Marvel at each country's intriguing traditions and customs, admire the breathtaking art, enchanting castles, quaint medieval villages and classic architecture. Tantalize your taste buds with varied regional delicacies and explore the exquisite countryside and vivid landscapes. UK Highlights, London - Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St Paul's Cathedral, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Harrods, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, to name a few. Scotland and Ireland. European Highlights - Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in

Christ the redeemer Rio da Janeiro

Travel South America with us

We cover all destinations

including Brazil, Argentina,Peru,

Chile and Bolivia

Discover the spirit of central and South America, Explore this continent with fascinating historical relics, natural wonders and unique diversity of climates and cultures, from the European influence of Spanish and Portuguese descendants to the rich heritage of the indigenous Indian people. Highlights in Central America is Costa Rico – volcanoes & rainforests, Guatemala - mountainous landscapes, or the Panama Canal and in South America, highlights in South America is Brazil - Rio Carnival, Amazon rainforest, Buenoes Airies or Iguaza Falls, Chile, Andes Mountains or the Lake District.

Sydney Opera House Australia


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Travel Australia with us

We cover all destinations including

Barrier Reef, Gold Coast and Tasmania.

Explore the natural beauty of Australia .  Enjoy outstanding cuisine in the cosmopolitan city of Sydney, famous for its iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Visit Melbourne the "cultural capital of Australia", for authentic Australian music, dance and film making. Surf the Gold Coast with its great selection of surfing beaches and discover its true paradise of the diving and sailing at the Great Barrier Reef and the dreamy Whitsunday islands. 

Street Scene Greece


Travel Europe with us.
We cover all destinations:France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece

 Marvel at each country's intriguing traditions and customs, admire the breathtaking art, enchanting castles, quaint medieval villages and classic architecture. European Highlights - Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe in Paris. In Italy no visit is complete without seeing the magnificent paintings of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel , the Colosseum in Rome and the famous Trevi fountain. Walk across the oldest bridge in Florence, Ponte Vecchio famed for its collection of jewellery shops. Travel into the Tuscan countryside .Visit the Magical city of Venice. Amsterdam delights with its rich art history, mime artists in Dam Square, famous canals and restaurants in the Leidesplein. Explore Madrid, home of the flamenco dancers and the white sandy beaches of the Algarve in Portugal.

Cruising in New Zealand


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Travel New Zealand with us

We cover all destinations including 

North and South Island. 

New Zealand is blessed with breathtaking beauty and is regarded as one if the top holiday destinations in the world. Whether you are looking for adrenaline-pumping adventure, skiing, surfing, fishing in crystal clear lakes or a game of golf, there is activity or attraction to suit everyone. No visit would be complete without seeing the powerful thermal springs, mud pools and geysers at Rotorua and learning about the fascinating legends of the Maori culture.

The Expert’s

Guide to Safari Lodges in Southern Africa

The Safari industry in the early days in South Africa was an exciting adventure for local South Africans to pack their kids  in the family sedan and head to the Kruger National Park and spend a few days staying in the various Campsites and bungalows, spending the day searching for animals and nights around the campfire.

                                                                          How things have changed!

The expansion in Kruger itself and dropping of fences with private surrounding lodges has created a huge industry with a wealth of five star lodges and tour operators catering to every nationality imaginable!!

In addition to Kruger there are other huge Safari Parks in South Africa, including Madikwe, Hhluluwe /Umfolosi, Nambiti,

to name a few, many of which are malaria free, who all offer the Big Five Experience.

This is all incredibly daunting and confusing to an international traveler who has googled "African Safari" and we still havent covered Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Tanzania and other countries.

Then there are the lodges , ranging in price from reasonable (200 US Dollars) to expensive (2000 US Dollars) per night.

All offer different experiences and attractions, but Africa has a few tricks up her sleeve and you could get hoodwinked!!

Best advice is to contact LOCAL operators and we will guide you through the landmines to ensure you have a most unforgettable trip to Africa.

Visit                                                                 and view some of the incredible experiences we have arranged for our clients.

We have enclosed a video from one of our clients who booked a trip with us recently:

                                                                                              BON SAFARI !!

Trend Alert:

Cruising is the new Action Holiday
Cruising Alaska

Ten years ago shuffleboard, mini golf and a swimming pool were the order of the day on cruise ships, but a revolution has taken place, with cruising being the most popular holiday out of the USA and Europe and all the major cruise line companies have upped their games considerably, in this most competitive environment.Carnival, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, Disney, MSC and even Virgin are furiously building new liners , due to hit the seas in the near future. 

Here are a few of the on board activities one can participate in while cruising to exotic ports:

Jogging, Gym, Water Skiing,Ziplines,Mini Golf,Hot Tubs,Sauna, Spa,Rock Climbing wall,Rope Trapezium,Basketball, Volleyball,Dodgeball, Paintball,Soccer,Bowls,Walk the plank,Bungee trampolining,Water slides,Trampolining,Flowride surfing,Sky diving simulator, F1 simulator,

even a Marina that docks and allows you to swim, ski,sail and Kayak in the warm Caribbean sea.

Major destinations include the Bahamas, Mediterranean ports, Norwegian Fjords and even river cruises on luxury liners through central Europe and Asia.

Contact us for the best advice to make sure your dream cruise caters for all your needs, as the internet is a minefield of confusion. We can source flights, visas and transfers to ensure a seamless experience, with the peace of mind that there is someone who can assist if unexpected problems occur en route.




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